DJ Fatxo: List of Companies that Cut Links with Mugithi Singer After Jeff Mwathi's Death

Published March 11, 2023
DJ Fatxo: List of Companies that Cut Links with Mugithi Singer After Jeff Mwathi's Death

Lawrence Njuguna, prevalently alluded to by his stage name DJ Fatxo has been moving for pretty much the week after Geoffrey Mwathi (Jeff), an inside planner, passed on in his home under muddled conditions.

On February 22, while at the Mugithi star's apartment, 23-year-old Mwathi was said to have jumped to his death, but this was disputed. The case was taken over by a unit of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to figure out how he died.

DJ Fatxo agreed to assist the police in their investigation into the interior designer's death. The musician's attorney stated that he was prepared to assist with the death investigation.

The entertainer has been treated as a person of interest in the case since Mwathi's death. As a result, he has been cut off from several businesses due to negative publicity.

Companies That Have Cut Ties With Mugithi Singer DJ Fatxo After Death Of Jeff Mwathi

Certified Homes

Certified Homes is a real estate company that provides investors and homeowners alike with elegant, one-of-a-kind, high-quality, and reasonably priced homes.

In order to sell houses, rental properties, and land in various parts of the country, the company collaborated closely with DJ Fatxo.

In addition, the entertainer would host live sessions on his social media platforms to encourage his followers to purchase land through the business.

One of the first well-known people to collaborate with Certified Homes was DJ Fatxo. Additionally, DJ Lyta was working with the real estate company.


Lesedi Engineers, presently Tuza, is a land organization selling grounds and plots in various pieces of the country.

In August 2021, the company hired DJ Fatxo to be its brand ambassador. He was announced at a small ceremony held at the office.

The entertainer was to educate young people about the opportunities to own land and homes as part of the agreement.

DJ Fatxo would occasionally visit various locations throughout the majority of 2021 and encourage his fans to purchase land.

Vodka Sweet Berry

Vodka Sweet Berry is a vodka drink that is triple distilled and comes in bottles of 250 ml and 750 ml.

Zheng Hong, a fully licensed alcohol manufacturing company in Nairobi's Industrial Area, produces and distributes the beverage.

Dallas Gin, Blue Waves, Dallas Brandy, Jambo Extra Vodka, Tycoon Blended Vodka, Jambo Ice Vodka, Maotai Vodka, and Tycoon Whiskey are among the company's other brands.

In 2021, DJ Fatxo collaborated with the brand.

Optiven Group

Leading real estate company Optiven Group sells prime plots in Kiambu, Malindi, Thika, Machakos, Kitengela, and Nyeri.

In addition, they offer land sales in Kajiado, Nanyuki, Kisumu, Naivasha, Naro Moru, Malindi, and Konza.

To promote their projects, the entertainer entered into a partnership with the brand. Additionally, DJ Fatxo attended any company-organized events.

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