DJ Fatxo Scandal – Allegedly associated with the death of Jeff Mwathi

Published March 08, 2023
DJ Fatxo Scandal – Allegedly associated with the death of Jeff Mwathi

After allegedly being connected to the death of a young colleague, the DJ Fatxo Scandal has attracted a lot of attention.

DJ Fatxo, a musician from Mugithi, was involved in a case involving the suicide of a coworker named Jeff, but the story leaves more questions than it answers.

Jeff is said to have committed suicide by jumping from the Safari Park Estate's 12th floor in Kasarani. Jeff's family says he was killed in DJ Fatxo's House and thrown from the top floor to make it look like he was taking his own life.

Is DJ Fatxo connected to a young colleague's death?

On Tuesday, March 7, the news quickly spread that a young man named Geoffrey "Jeff" Mwati had fallen from DJ Fatxo's apartment on Thika Street and died of unspecified causes.

As indicated by reports, the casualty went through the day with a well known DJ and enhanced his shop. They went to various entertainment centers in the evening of the same day, according to the chronology of events.

Before things got out of hand, Fatxo, Mwathi, and the three women were captured on CCTV riding into Disk's apartment.

Fatxo and the three women, according to the victim's uncle, left the house around 4 a.m., leaving Jeff and two other men inside.

Police say that the family is now calling for justice, claiming that their son did not intend to harm himself.

It turns out that DJ Fatxo sent a cryptic message to Jeff the day before he died from falling. When he was so close to the young man's death, this message sparked a reaction from his fans.

DJ Fatxo Scandal – Allegedly associated with the death of Jeff Mwathi

Learn more about DJ Fatxo's personal life. 

Lawrence Njuguna Wagura is DJ Fatxo's birth name. His proficiency in the Kikuyu language has contributed to his steady rise in popularity.

He has numerous opportunities all over the country and is one of the youngest and most talented musicians.

He sought after as the authority DJ of the mariner gathering and began functioning as a DJ. Later, he started writing songs and felt the urge to try his hand at music.

"Ndi Mang'a" was the title of his first song. With over 2.8 million views in just eight months, it was well received.

He is one of the musicians in Nyandarua County, and his performances draw Kenyans from the central part of Kenya, particularly Samidoh and Jose Gatutura.

DJ Fatxo is the father of one child and is married to a wonderful wife. He makes time for them in his busy schedule because of his love for them. As a Lesedi brand ambassador, he recently agreed to a contract.

His fans always want to listen to him because of his deep singing voice. He is without a doubt a Joe industry talent to keep an eye on.

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