Guess who won the Mugithi Artist of the Year e360 Awards: DJ Fatxo!

Published March 29, 2023
Guess who won the Mugithi Artist of the Year e360 Awards: DJ Fatxo!


Lawrence Njuguna, better known as DJ Fatxo, is the winner of the Mugithi Artist of the Year e360 awards. He is a well-known Kikuyu Mugithi singer.

The singer had asked his fans to vote for him when he was nominated for the award in February.

The purpose of the E360 Awards is to promote Kenyan content and recognize Kenyan artists from all walks of life.

"The recent social media debate has largely focused on the promotion of Kenyan content, primarily the Kenyan music industry. Numerous artistes have whined of not getting a stage to feature their ability. E360 EntertainmentT has created the E360 Awards as a result to recognize, promote, establish, discover, and award artists from all fields.

Phelix Owiny (Male Model of the Year), Joseph Sonko Jnr. (Differently Abled of the Year), Fred Muyanga (Gospel Artist of the Year), and Sarafina Salim (Female Mugithi Artist of the Year) are among the other winners. Meshack Mwengei was the male artist with the most votes.

DJ Fatxo's success comes when he is in a discussion following the passing of 23 year old inside originator, Jeff Mwathi who kicked the bucket subsequent to tumbling from the tenth floor of the DJ's condo.

After spending the day and night with the DJ, Jeff Mwathi passed away. He had informed his mother via voicemail that he was going to meet up with Fatxo for business.

After that, they went from club to club before going back to Fatxo's apartment around 3 in the morning.

Mwathi was said to have jumped to the hard concrete ground from the 10th floor, according to DJ Fatxo and two other witnesses.

The investigations were taken over by the DCI, who determined that Jeff did not kill himself. The National Police Service (NPS) confirmed on March 26, 2023, that plans are being made to exhume Jeff Mwathi's body for further investigation.

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