Time's up Edgar Obare! Here comes Gossip Girl Njambi Fever

Published March 27, 2023
Time's up Edgar Obare! Here comes Gossip Girl Njambi Fever
Armed with fresh gossip, original content and entertaining updates, Njambi Fever is the new Gossip Master in the country. Edgar, as we all have seen, is now good at plagiarizing content, stealing Instagram stories from celebrities and pretending there's a paparazzi somewhere who sent them to him, and worse of it all...charges for the plagiarized content on BNN PREMIUM.

Who Is Edgar Obare?

Edgar Obare is a self-proclaimed struggling to be relevant blogger cum scammer. He is that blogger who is ready to tarnish your name unless you pay him to delete the post. His loyal followers are those who dwell in the wells of misinformation and think it's fun. My words can be seconded by this Standard Media article where Obare tried to scam a Governor Sh 10 Million and was arrested by the DCI.

Edgar Obare rose to fame after publishing stories about celebrities, both true and fake ones on his Instagram account which was brought down by Meta after they realized he was busy tarnishing people's name on their app[We all know Zukerberg and his team never allows defamation on their apps]. Later, he moved to Telegram where he started charging people to view content. It was a bold and great move at first, but would be better if people were being charged for original content, not content scrapped from the interweb, and added a BNN logo to appear original.

Who Is Njambi Fever?

The Gossip Girl, aged around 21-23 year old, the current Tea Master who not only unites Kenyans on Twitter and Instagram with her latest gossip stories fresh from the oven, has now opened a Telegram channel to share more stories at ease. It would be a lie to say I know her much, but I bet she will be the top blogger of the year if she keeps publishing content and maybe later Monetize it! 

Is Njambi a Scammer?

Well, an alleged scammer labelled her a scammer some few days ago because he can't handle competition as a man. This was after Njambi published an ad that the former thought was going to be disastrous to the followers of the latter, which was about purchasing Safaricom data bundles. Well, ads are paid for and everyone has to do their due diligence before engaging in business related transaction...

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